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Things We Like


The snipping of paper can be such a dry task if you don't have something to engage with. Fiskars scissors, known for praise from teachers and accessibility for children of all ages, have a new color-changing handle design. Based on how much heat is applied to the grip, they will change color more and more the longer they are used. Most importantly for the kiddos, there's a high-quality safety blade for quality trims and safe blade angles. Prices vary based on size. Available at Walmart.

When the brand name is too much

Sometimes the items you find at retail are way overpriced, especially come back-to-school shopping season. Brandless saves the financial hassle with products all priced at $3. Whether it be a hardcover spiral notebook, a pencil set necessary hygiene products, there's something dandy for every student and kid on a budget. $3, though other products may vary.

The World is Your Tiger

Daniel Tiger made a best pal with Crayola to tour the next greatest make-believe neighborhood with the Crayola Trolley Play Set from Amloid. Using building blocks, stickers and crayons to flesh out the dream locale, this set can help children develop their creative and motor skills. After building the trolley, one can take Daniel Tiger and his friends around to explore each magical landmark. $19.97. Available at Walmart.

The newest, hottest line of Post-it

For convenience anywhere and everywhere, Post-it is back for the school year for all busy families, students and teachers to organize their thoughts or to-do lists on the fly. New shapes include emojis, musical instruments, waffles and more. For those more meticulous with their planning, there are also calendars, list notes and tabs to keep track of everything. Prices vary. Available at Walmart and Staples.

The style all friends will envy

Over the shoulder and behind the back, Joggo Backpacks has options for any and every kind of traveler. There's a beautiful simplicity that comes with the canvas material. The backpacks have a flap on top, where you can store your laptop and all other kinds of valuables, as well as other pockets for every essential. They wash easily, too, so there's no need to worry about any funky smells. $79.99.