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Must Read: "You, Your Child and School: Navigate Your Way to the Best Education"

Parents everywhere worry about their children's education, which has been a divisive talking point in modern politics. Ken Robinson writes about why children don't enjoy school, what challenges parents face when trying to help their children and what ability parents have to overcome these obstacles for their children. Some parental tips in the book include knowing the qualities of a great teacher, joining the Parent-Teacher Association to influence school policy and knowing the amount and type of homework a child receives. $26. Available online and in local bookstores.

Keep Your Loved Ones in the Inner Circle

Picniic app's new expansion, Circles, keeps all extended family connected. The app creates personalized communities for families to privately share schedules, invites and pictures. Now with Circles, parents can add any family connections, like babysitters, from sending to-do lists to updating any chores or responsibilities for their children.

SABRE Keeps People Safe While Pursuing Their Fitness Goals

If one is on a run at night and there's somebody who looks unsafe approaching, the personal alarm with a clip and LED light can alert others in the vicinity. Pressing the button will turn the alarm on and off, and the machine releases a 120 dB alarm, which can reach 600 feet away. And, regardless of light conditions, the LED flashlight ensures runners always remain visible. $14.99.

Quit Shaking for the Last Drop!

The Flip-It emptying kit has consumers flip bottles of all sizes upside down in a stabilized position, so they can get the last drop of lotions, conditioners and condiments. Flip-It reduces environmental contaminants by encouraging full use of all of their bottled products. Once the bottle is empty, Flip-It can be hand-washed or machine-washed on the top shelf of the dishwasher. $11.99 for a two-pack. Available at local stores and online.

Thin and Crispy With a Tender Chew in the Middle

Smart Flour Foods' pizza crusts are a great base for an assortment of summer's best toppings. All it takes is a couple of minutes on the grill before they're nicely charred and ready to serve to the party. These whole-grain crusts are certified gluten-, dairy- and soy- free, making them a universally great option for anyone with food allergies. Pre-made frozen pizzas are also available. $5.99.