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Things We Like

Play Like a Pro!

For helping children refine and develop their skills in whatever sport they may pursue, ESPN's Future Pro line features customized sport balls, including footballs, basketballs and soccer balls. Professional athletes helped design each sport ball with specific hand or foot placements in order to nail the perfect spiral pass like Tom Brady or curve ball like Max Scherzer. ~$15.

Delicious Desire

Simple but sweet, all you need to prepare this strawberry tart is a thawed puff pastry, some strawberries and sugar. It takes only 10 minutes of your time before your taste buds sink into this dessert, and the potential to add on a host of different items -- be it whipped cream or a spritz of lemon -- to tailor it to your delight is near endless. $6.

Use Your Words!

Codenames is a word game where cards are laid out, and two rival spymasters know the identities of each card's name. The teams compete to contact all of their agents, but the spymasters can only offer one-word clues that relate to multiple words on the table. Play with a minimum of four players, but larger groups can encourage discussion. $20.

Engage and Learn New Languages

When it comes to customizing education to each child, it can become a daunting task as no two are the same. Some say the best way to learn is to make it fun with games, which the Duolingo app provides to teach kids new languages in an engaging way. They pick up new skills when playing each game. Used by Hollywood stars and other prominent figures, this app also is used by public schools to help students in developing countries. Free.

Keep 'Em Reading

Literati is the children's book club (up to 9 years old) that sends books every month based on a different theme (science, history, adventure). Each title is picked by top educators and librarians. Read them for a week, decide which you keep and send the rest back; you'll only be charged for the books you hold on to. If you want to give back, also donate your old books and they'll be given to kids who need them most. Packages also come with bookplates, original artwork and other surprises. $9.95/month.