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Must Read: “Women Who Launch” by Marlene Wagman-Geller

Dorothy Parker observed, "It's a man's world"; the lady entrepreneurs and game-changers profiled in "Women Who Launch" would beg to differ. Julia Ward-Howe showed what's good for the goose is good for the gander when she created the Girl Scouts of America. Estee Lauder revolutionized the cosmetics industry. "Women Who Launch" is filled with inspiring true stories of women activists, artists and entrepreneurs who launched some of the most famous companies, brands and organizations we know today and changed the world. $16.95

Bani Bands Headbands

Whether you are heading to the gym, running a marathon or playing sports, Bani Bands has a headband for everyone! Their high-quality headbands cool up to 30 percent below skin temperature when wet with sweat or water. This cooling effect will never wash out of the headband because it is part of the fabric! With a variety of styles and patented cooling technology, you are sure to look good and feel good with Bani Bands headbands.

Hi Mountain Seasonings Ready-Made Beef Jerky

For more than a quarter century, Hi Mountain Seasonings has been providing consumers with kits for homemade jerky. In today's fast-paced world, it isn't always possible to make jerky at home, and that's why Hi Mountain Seasonings is now making it for you. Their jerky is moist, tender and delicious and made with 100-percent USDA beef, raised in the USA. Each resealable 3.25 oz. bag contains 10 grams of protein and 76 calories with no carbohydrates or sugars. Hi Mountain's entire line of products, cooking tips, instructional videos and recipes are available at

Game Day Chic

JaneHudson is a new brand of super stylish clothing in a series of colors that map back to different colleges and universities. Spirit and style are embodied in these university-color inspired looks that are perfect for an effortlessly chic look on game day or everyday! Choose from top-quality striped dresses in a variety of styles and vintage sweatshirts. $68-$110

SPIbelt Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are back in! SPIbelt holds all of your important personal items discreetly during any activity. Going for a run, walking your dog, weightlifting at the gym or just wearing clothes that have no pockets, SPIbelt keeps your items bounce-free and snug to your body. The Running & Fitness Belt holds large smart phones, the Travel Belt keeps your important identification and cash close at hand and the Medical Device Belt holds various medical implements.