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A Space Age Children's Music Classic Made New

"Zoom a Little Zoom! A Ride Through Science" is an upbeat album of catchy songs by the two-time Grammy winning folk and children's music duo of Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer. With their 10 new interpretations of tunes from "Ballads for the Age of Science," a classic 1961 collection of educational songs, the album excites a new generation about science and the world around them. These songs will definitely spark your little one's curiosity about rockets, constellations, animal habits, gravity and more. $11.99 Available at and other retailers.

Paint by Sticker Kids: Beautiful Bugs

The magic of "Paint by Sticker Kids" continues, combining the fun of coloring and stickers with the creativity of paint by number. The series just keeps growing with another much-loved, nature-themed topic: Bugs! "Paint by Sticker Kids: Beautiful Bugs" includes everything kids need to create 10 full-color illustrations of their favorite creepy-crawlies, such as a firefly, a praying mantis, a ladybug, butterflies, a painted grasshopper and more. The card-stock pages are perforated so artwork can be easily removed for framing or the fridge. $9.95 Available wherever books are sold and

— Jenny L. Heinbaugh

Book Reviews

Celebrating Mother's Day

By Mary Quattlebaum

babies / tots

In the Rain

In this third book of the engaging "In the Weather" series, a little girl and her pup adventure together on a rainy day. Attired in red boots and polka-dot slicker, she and her furry companion delight in this wet world of natural wonders. She fashions a little boat from sticks and a leaf and sails it in a puddle, splashes across soggy ground and makes a mud pie. Her mom is a kindly figure who facilitates her child's budding independence by dressing her appropriately and letting her frolic freely. Elizabeth Spurr's lively rhyme offers tots a chance to chime in with the onomatopoeic words, and Manelle Oliphant's gorgeous watercolors fairly drip with colorful fun.

ages 3 – 8

The Two Mutch Sisters

Living in one house, Violet and Ruby Mutch have two of everything, as revealed in Lisa Brown's dynamic watercolor art. Violet likes cozy, curved items in her signature color; Ruby prefers the angular and modern. When the clutter proves overwhelming, Ruby packs her stuff and takes up residence across town. Carol Brendler tickles the fancy of young readers with rhyming lists of surprising objects: "One gargoyle, one glockenspiel, one brass spittoon, one French bassoon." Now in separate abodes, both sisters discover they miss the other, prompting dramatic, hilarious action on Violet's part. The ending depicts the sisters reunited, in a way that respects the needs of all. This humorous read-aloud extolls the sister bond, with all its big-hearted quirks.

ages 9 and up

Votes for Women!

Celebrate our foremothers this Mother's Day with a galvanizing book about American suffragists and the battle for the ballot. Winifred Conkling adds another fascinating account of American history to her acclaimed nonfiction and historical fiction titles. She draws upon letters, journals and newspaper articles to spotlight individuals, both lauded and little known, in short descriptions, with accompanying photos. And she provides a vivid sense of the 72 years that suffragists strategized, protested and educated others to see voting as an inalienable right for women. As this book makes clear, today's girls and women stand on strong shoulders as they continue to work for change locally, nationally and globally.

Mary Quattlebaum is the author of 25 award-winning children’s books, most recently “Hero Dogs,” a National Geographic nonfiction chapter book about amazing animal heroes. Mary is a popular school and conference