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Pinkalicious & Peterrific

PBS Kids has a new animated series, “Pinkalicious & Peterrific, based on the best-selling “Pinkalicious” book series by author Victoria Kann. The series is designed to encourage preschool-age children to explore the arts and develop their creativity. It follows the adventures of Pinkalicious and her brother, Peter, as they explore the town of Pinkville with their neighborhood friends. Along the way they inspire everyone to be creative and to find imaginative solutions to their problems.

Paisley Rabbit and the Treehouse Contest

Steve Richardson's newest book, “Paisley Rabbit and the Treehouse Contest” offers readers a fresh and unique take on the classic children's novel, “The Tortoise and the Hare.” In a delightful tale of defying the odds, the book tells the story of a lone girl rabbit competing against her friends to win a big treehouse construction contest, even though she has never touched a hammer or a nail. As things heat up, Paisley shows she has some tricks up her sleeve. This book, with its award-winning illustrations, celebrates the passion of knowledge, the love of family and the grit of a young heroine. $12.16 Available wherever books are sold.

— Jenny L. Heinbaugh

Book Reviews

Books for National Poetry
Month and Earth Day

By Mary Quattlebaum

babies / tots

Take Care

Although Earth Day may be celebrated officially on April 22, our planet needs our attention and care throughout the year, according to this gentle call to action by local author Madelyn Rosenberg. The rhyming text exhorts us to “take care of the world,” including “mountains and trees” and “bumbles and bees.” Each double-page spread reveals children and adults in different locales and from different cultures doing just that. There are people of all ages and ethnicities tending a community garden bright with blooms, vegetables, birds and butterflies. Other pages show youngsters cleaning up the litter in a public park and bringing pets to visit elders at a senior home. Giuliana Gregori’s colorful, expressive illustrations convey both the beauty of the world and the simple things we can all do to create a kinder world.

ages 3 – 6

The Backup Bunny

Whenever Max loses his well-loved toy Bunny, Fluffy is yanked from the sock drawer and given to the boy, who finds him an inadequate substitute. Fluffy is a funny, poignant first-person narrator as he relays his experiences, from being tossed off the bed to being pinned to diving headfirst in a bowl of mud. And just when Fluffy and Bunny team up to receive respected places in the home and all the love Max has to give, along comes yet another plush critter. This imaginative book is sure to connect with any child with a “comfort object” – and with that child’s parents.

ages 7 – 11

Hidden City

In these 28 subtly alliterative free-verse poems, Sarah Grace Tuttle turns an observant, tender eye upon the flora and fauna that make a home in the urban environment. Here are yellow dandelions beside a bus stop bench and house sparrows making a soft “chitter-cheep” in the bushes. A young peregrine falcon “teeters” on the edge of a skyscraper “above busy sidewalks and a traffic jam” and a raccoon and her kits cleverly open a trash bin and feast on old bagels and fish heads. Amy Schimler-Safford’s stunning collage artwork captures the energetic vibe of the city, and its vibrant colors and textures.

Mary Quattlebaum is the author of 25 award-winning children’s books, most recently “Hero Dogs,” a National Geographic nonfiction chapter book about amazing animal heroes. Mary is a popular school and conference