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— Jenny L. Heinbaugh

Book Reviews

Books for Giving Thanks

By Mary Quattlebaum

babies / tots

Tall, Tall Tree

Through engaging rhymes and stunning pictures, little ones experience the majesty of the natural world and the thrill of hiking among giant redwoods. They also learn about the trees’ wild neighbors and how to count as they pick out one “soaring” eagle, two “brown and spotted” owls, all the way up to ten ladybugs on “teeny tiny feet.” Chad Wallace’s light-filled illustrations realistically portray the ecosystem of the northern California coast, while zooming in on intriguing details such as the red caps of acorn woodpeckers and the soft yellow bodies of banana slugs. In addition to the pithy poems of the text, Anthony D. Fredericks provides four pages of fun facts about the trees and animals, as well as playful STEAM-related activities.

ages 3 – 8

Philomena’s New Glasses

Washington author Brenna Maloney captures the affection, support and occasional tiffs of sisters in this delightful tale of three guinea pig siblings. When Philomena gets a glamorous pair of purple glasses, Audrey and Nora Jean are quick to nab their own. Soon the furry sisters acquire handbags, snacks and frocks in a frenzied attempt to keep up with one another. Nora Jean calls a plaintive halt to this – only to show up on the final page sporting a shiny necklace. Adding to the zany fun of it all are the photographs of the three fluffy girls in their accumulated bling and bric-a-brac. Sure to tickle the funny bone of anyone – kid or adult – with a sibling.

ages 9 – 14

To the Copper Country: Mihaela’s Journey

Local author Barbara Carney-Coston draws from her own family history in this spellbinding novel of an 11-year-old girl’s journey from Croatia to Michigan in the late 1800s. Mihaela’s father had traveled ahead of the family, to work the copper mines in the new country, but when he is felled by a painful eye disease, the girl, her two younger brothers and their mother know they must bring healing herbs to him as quickly as possible. The journey is long, though, and when the herbs are lost, it’s up to Michaela to discover the means to cure their father. Carney-Coston’s immigration story and additional material – historic photos, family recipes, map and annotated bibliography – may prompt young readers to ask questions about their long-ago relatives when extended family gathers round the Thanksgiving table.

Mary Quattlebaum is the author of 25 award-winning children’s books, most recently “Hero Dogs,” a National Geographic nonfiction chapter book about amazing animal heroes. Mary is a popular school and conference