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Jada Jones: Rock Star

n “Jada Jones: Rock Star,” Jada's best friend moves away and school feels like the last place she wants to be. She'd much rather wander outside looking for cool rocks to add to her collection, since finding rocks is easier than finding friends. So when Jada's teacher announces a class project on rocks and minerals, Jada finally feels like she's in her element. The only problem is that one of her teammates doesn't seem to like Jada or any of her ideas. Can Jada figure out a way to make a winning science project and a new friend? $5.99 Available wherever books are sold.

Super Kate DVD

From the popular kids series “Kate amp; Mim-Mim” comes a new DVD, “Super Kate.” Grab your cape and join Kate and her toy rabbit, Mim-Mim, on four fun-filled adventures in Mimiloo. In each story, Kate, Mim-Mim and their group of friends discover exciting new places and set off on adventures, all with the hope of solving a puzzling problem that Kate encountered in the real world. Exploring themes of friendship, adventure and problem solving, Kate and Mim-Mim encourage children to use their imaginations and work together, believing no problem is ever too big to solve! $6.99

— Jenny L. Heinbaugh

Book Reviews

Books for Back to School

By Mary Quattlebaum

babies / tots

The SheepOver

When Sweet Pea, the lamb, becomes sick, her animal friends and Farmer John are worried. But Vet Alison gives the little ewe some medicine, and soon Sweet Pea is not only on the mend but ready to plan a SheepOver. Everyone is invited, including the sheep dogs, Prem the goat and Sweet Pea’s four best lamb buddies. There is dancing, munching on sweet beets and pumpkin treats and even trying on Farmer John’s hat. The simple, gently humorous text and enchanting photos give youngsters a peek at the bonds between animals and humans on a small farm.

ages 3 – 7

Fall Is for School

Sister loves everything school, from math to music and science – and Brother does not. The two face off in rhyming verse on double-page spreads, with Brother refusing to heed Sister’s enthusiastic encouragement. Slowly, though, he takes the dreaded walk, meets the teacher and concludes that “school is full of awesome.” Many kids experience mixed emotions about returning to school after an easygoing summer and often feel caught between Sister’s extreme eagerness and Brother’s abject reluctance. But as with Brother’s experience, once they’re back, school proves more welcoming and intriguing than they would have imagined.

ages 8 and up

Stand Up and Sing!

This substantive, thought-provoking illustrated biography is aptly subtitled “Pete Seeger, Folk Music, and the Path to Justice.” It chronicles the life of musician-activist Pete Seeger, who died three years ago at the age of 94. Seeger taught himself the banjo at a young age and then began to sing of the world around him, from the poverty of the Great Depression to concerns related to the environment, civil rights and the Vietnam War. Threats only strengthened Seeger’s commitment to these causes and to galvanizing others through song. His music and life are a testimony to the power of positive change, and this superb biography tells his story with detail and grace.

Mary Quattlebaum is the author of 24 award-winning children’s books, most recently “Together Forever: True Tales of Amazing Animal Friendships,” and a popular school/conference speaker.