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Laura Ashley 4-in-1 Rose Floral Dome Backpack Diaper Bag

This 4-in-1 diaper bag is large enough to store everything you need. The roomy top zip backpack is made from printed microfiber that easily wipes clean. With lots of pockets to hold everything from keys to diapers, the bag comes with a cushioned changing pad and a wet pack. To make sure this bag is functional for every lifestyle, there are cushioned, adjustable back straps and attached stroller straps as well. $69.99 Available at Babies R Us.

ciao! baby, The Go-Anywhere-Highchair

The ciao! baby portable highchair was invented by two moms, Jamye Baker and Kim Strong. Created for families on the go with small children, ciao! baby is a time saving, transportable highchair created for babies up to toddlers 3 years of age. This user-friendly, no-fuss, freestanding chair with its proprietary flexible seat and tray requires no assembly. With a cup holder built in and a clear vinyl tray cover, it wipes clean easily and the chair unfolds easily, locks into place and folds up in seconds when parents and their tots are ready to go. $67.99

Innovative Diffusers

Burning candles and their hot wax can cause fire hazards and health issues stemming from the candle soot and burns. In an effort to provide an alternative to the burning and soot-emitting candles on the market, Ambrosia Scents offers innovative, safer scent diffusers for your home. Their scents and sachets are a portable wax-free, heat-free, mess-free way to fill your home with pleasant, soft fragrances, soothing lighting and an attractive ambient décor.

Unique Adaptive Humidifier

Along with abundant plant life and warmer temperatures, the spring and summer seasons also mean lots of allergens in the air causing allergy sufferers to experience dry eyes, irritated nasal passages and an increased risk of sinus infections. Stadler Form's EVA humidifier has Adaptive Humidity technology which automatically adjusts the output level to quietly and efficiently reach and maintain the desired humidity. It won “Best in Category” at the 2017 Housewares Design Awards. $199.99


Phil Conigliaro’s and Tae Won Yu’s “MY FIRST BABY SIGNS” is an engaging board book for baby sign language. Attempting to decipher a baby’s cry can feel all but impossible. Is she hungry? Tired? At six months, babies are often aware of, but unable to express, their needs. “MY FIRST BABY SIGNS” opens up clear, unambiguous communication to make life simpler for both baby and parent. With the use of colorful pull tabs and pop-ups, the book teaches eight essential first signs: all done, milk, eat, more, thank you, bath, help, and bed. $15.95