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Things We Like

Dogobie Flying Disc

Exercise and fun are important for the health of both families and dogs, and that's what makes the Dogobie flying disc an important sport toy. The Dogobie’s combination of softness, toughness and great flying performance makes it a great toy for play with dogs. Its soft and puncture-resistant material is gentle on a dog’s mouth, but sturdy enough to endure fetch after fetch. With its aerodynamic spoiler rim design making for stable accurate flights, the Dogobie is easy for kids as young as five to throw. $6.99 Sold in pet stores nationwide.

unGlue Technology App

Too much screen time is a problem all kids face. Now there's a solution that gives the kids the power to learn healthier habits – within your boundaries. The unGlue app allows parents to give each child a personalized Internet schedule. Kids are able to self manage, tracking their own time for Internet and entertainment, even their time for chores. The unGlue Home Monitor acts as a gateway to the Internet for all of your connected devices and can keep track of the time spent on all sites and apps. It also blocks access to undesirable content. Download unGlue on the App Store or get it on Google Play.

2e: Twice Exceptional

Awesome Screening Event

The award-winning documentary, 2e: Twice Exceptional follows the personal journeys of a unique group of high school students identified as “twice exceptional” – gifted or highly gifted individuals with learning disabilities or differences. They are geniuses, mavericks and dreamers. Among them may be the next Einstein, Mozart or Steve Jobs--if they can survive the American school system and their own eccentricities. Mingle with like-minded parents, educators and professionals on Tuesday, May 2 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Silver Spring Civic Center. Gain tons of information and win meaningful prizes.

A “Fitbit For Kids”

Sqord is a wearable device for kids, kind of like a Fitbit, with an accompanying app full of fun activities that encourage kids to move and reward them for doing so. At the same time, it also serves as a platform for connecting them with others and creating fun, social experiences. Sqord has found a way to bridge the digital gap and keep kids moving, using technology to fuel group play in the real world. Available on Amazon for $39.95.

Calliope Tabletop Games

Calliope Games has invented fun, affordable, quality tabletop games to meet the time constraints of our busy 21st century lifestyles. From the light-hearted compatibility game “Hive Mind” to the multi-player dice game perfect for get-togethers and travel called “Roll For It,” to building the most impressive menu while accumulating the freshest ingredients with “Menu Masters,” Calliope Games believes in laughter and creating experiences that people will remember for a lifetime.