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You will flip over this belt! The FlipBelt provides a safe, secure, stylish way to carry your essential items (money, id, phone, inhaler, keys, etc.) when you are working out. It fits snugly and doesn’t move or jiggle when you are exercising. There is also a zipper version that gives an extra secure option for your essentials and can fit larger phones. Available at in an array of stylish colors for women and men.

Terrariums by D’Eco Home Décor

Take DIY decorating to new heights with Terrariums by D’Eco Home Décor. You can make a statement with these sleek sculptural terrariums in any space indoors or out. Add natural style to your home with cacti, air plants, succulents or other decorative items. The terrariums feature an open window for air flow and easy set up. Choose from five different kinds: Glass Teardrop, Hinged Roof, Pyramid, Tall Hexagonal and Geodesic. $14.99. Available on Amazon, and

SureShop Bag

You've got the stroller loaded up with the baby, her toys and the diaper bag. You know what happens now – your full stroller falls over. Ditch the tipping with SureShop, a bag designed to hang along the handle of the stroller and clip to its side to balance out your buggy. SureShop scrunches up to store in its own pocket and can hold up to 10 pounds. Available online and in stores, the SureShop bag retails for about $20.

Softsoap Hand Wash Plus Lotion

The newest launch from Softsoap – Hand Wash Plus Lotion - locks in moisture for clean, soft hands. As you know, parents put love into everything they do from baking to gardening, crafting to caring for their little ones. However, with their busy schedules they don’t always remember to give their hands the extra love they deserve. Available in three luxurious fragrances, including Shea & Cocoa Butter, Aloe Water & Lime and Orchid & Coconut Milk. $2.49. Available at mass retail, drug and grocery stores.

Must Read: “Tales From the Crib”

For those days when it feels like every other mom in the world has it together except you – here comes DeeDee Filiatreault's hysterical memoir of motherhood. She is the mom who gets that being tired and cranky is all but an art form. With a crackling wit and genuine understanding, let Filiatreault guide you through your toughest days and delight you during your best. Available online and at bookstores everywhere.