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Chef'n PopTop Popcorn Maker

Homemade popcorn tastes freshest. Microwave popcorn is the simplest. Take the best of both and get the ease of the microwave and the tastiness of the stove with the Chef'n PopTop Popcorn Maker. The PopTop unfolds as the kernels pop, turning it into a bowl. Simply add the kernels, fold and put in the microwave to make up to 10 cups of popcorn at a time. Made from heat resistant silicone, this dishwasher-safe bowl makes having a healthy treat anytime a snap! Retails for about $20 and available online at and select retailers.

Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bags

Just because you are hauling everything but the kitchen sink in that diaper bag, doesn't mean you can't do it in style. With fabulous designs and constructed of a durable fabric, the Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags are a chic you can't beat. The bags, which come in several patterns and styles, have many zippered pockets for easy access to grab a diaper wipe or toy. Insulated bottle pockets keep that milk warm. Be ready for anything...fashionably! Available at select retailers and online at


Get those tired legs into VIM & VIGR's cute socks. Combining comfort and fashion, these compression socks are designed to increase the circulation of oxygenated blood throughout your legs. But no need to wear boring old white, gray or beige for rejuvenated legs. Available in fun colors with funky patterns, these socks are the perfect thing to help keep any mom-to-be or mom refreshed. The socks come in wool, cotton, nylon or moisture wicking nylon. Prices start at $32. Available on and select retailers.

Ink Cards App

Get a real card in the mail without going to the store to pick one out. Just download the Ink Card App on your mobile device and design away. Printed on 5” x 7” card stock and finished with a gloss laminate, these actual printed cards are sent directly to your recipient’s house. Prices start at $1.99 for domestic delivery and $2.99 for international, with postage included. You can also make and ship a pack of thank-you cards directly to yourself, to add that personalized touch. Download the app at

Must Read: "Breathe, Mama, Breathe: 5-Minute Mindfulness for Busy Moms"

Do you ever feel like life is going too fast and you just don't have time for you? Well, you are not alone. Never fear, psychotherapist and busy Mom of two, Shonda Moralis has five-minute solutions to help you find peace throughout the day. With more than 60 “mindful breaks” that help Moms tune into their own well-being, you will also learn the benefits of meditation and how to quickly and easily master it. Take five and reset with “Breathe, Mama, Breathe,” now at a bookstore near you or online.