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Nothing hits the spot quite like a PB&J sandwich. But with nut allergies on the rise, many schools are prohibiting peanut butter at lunchtime. WOWBUTTER is here with a lip-smacking and nutritious solution. Made entirely free of nut allergens, WOWBUTTER looks, tastes and feels just like the real thing. Delicious on bread, wholesome on apples, your child can have all the goodness of peanut butter without any of the worries of allergic reactions. and at select retailers.


Take bath time to playtime with SoapSox's line of 2-in-1 cuddly companions, which are part plush and part washcloth. The soap pocket transforms from a cuddly friend into a soapy washcloth – all you need to do is add soap and water. Machine washable and soft, SoapSox has many animal and character designs to keep your kid occupied and happy while you get them nice and clean. Available at Buy Buy Baby, other retailers and online at

Love My Veggies Pouches

Everyone knows that vegetables are good for us. But not everyone agrees that we should eat them. Kids often turn their nose up at getting the required servings of the good stuff. Sneak those veggies into their diet with the Love My Veggies pouches, each of which provides a full serving of vegetables. Blended with yummy fruit, kids won't know that they are eating a healthy snack – they'll just think they are getting a sweet and yummy treat. Available at select retailers.

Autospout Gizmo Flip

If your kid can reach it, he can spill it. Luckily, Contigo has come up with a spill-proof water bottle to fit your child's active and moving lifestyle. Unspillable, even upside-down (thanks to a one-way valve), kids will love drinking out of their very own big kid water bottle. Press the button for a pop-up straw and drink away. The protective spout cover also helps protect against germs. Available in several colors, stay dry with the Autospout Gizmo. Find them online and at select stores.

Baby B'air

Make flying with an infant as easy and breezy as possible with Baby B'air. Worn like a vest, the child is secured in front with a soft bib and with adjustable straps on both sides under the baby's arms. With a third strap that comes up from behind between the baby's legs and buckles to the front adjustable strap, your baby can travel in comfort and you can rest easy knowing she is more secure. For use only during flights, you can now hold, feed or change your infant while both you and baby are secured in a seat belt. and online.