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Things We Like


Oh no! Someone has stolen Mrs. Plumpert’s prize winning pot-pie. Join with your fellow gamers to move around the board and gather clues to crack the case. A cooperative game where players have to work together, kids and adults alike will love tracking down the guilty fox and rescuing the pie before he escapes off the board. Will you save the day, or will you be Outfoxed? Ages 5 and up, $19.99.

PBS Kids “Do It Myself Cookbook”

Finally, a cookbook for the kid who insists they can do it all themselves. This cookbook comes with 45 simple and healthy recipes which require nothing sharper than a plastic knife and no heat at all. The book, which comes with a complete set of plastic measuring cups and spoons, features 128 colorful pages. Ages 4 and up, $26.99 at book retailers and online.


Get your kids to do their chores without even asking! ChoreMonster is the free app that rewards kids with points for doing their chores. Create scheduled chores with specific point values. When your child says they have completed the task and you've approved it, they get the points. With their points, kids can “purchase” prizes that you have added into the reward part of the app. With a simple app interface specially designed for kids' use, they can see their chores for the day and complete them eagerly!

Boogie Board eWriters

Bring letter learning on the go with the Boogie Board eWriters. Available in clearview and opaque, these tablet-like devices enable your child to practice letters and words, as well as draw pictures and play games. The LCD writing screen is designed to feel just like you're writing with a traditional pen and paper. Great for travel and home, have your child work on his or her spelling, words and more. Prices vary, available online at and in stores.

Neuhaus Chocolate

Just because the holidays are over doesn't mean you have to stop treating yourself now and again. Delight in Neuhaus Chocolate's newest collection, World's Top Chefs, featuring praline chocolate creations from nine internationally renowned chefs. With chocolate creators from Germany, France, Spain, Belgium and the United States, there is sure to be a sweet treat in this 27 piece collection to meet any palate's pleasure. $55, available online and at