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This app has it all. And it has it all in one place! Life is hectic, so let Life360 help keep you organized. Coordinate carpools, make dinner plans, even know when your kids are in specially designated “favorite spots.” Life360 has all this and much more, right at your fingertips. The app is available for both iPhone and Android.

Par Avion Tea

The cold weather is here. Warm up with Par Avion's line of loose-leaf tea. Take a few moments for yourself and sip their sensational teas. Even better than feeling warm is feeling good. Do good with your morning tea. For each tin sold, Par Avion will give one day of education to a child in need. Makes a great gift for a friend or yourself. Available online at or at select retailers nationwide.


It's storage on the go! The Meori boxes are flexible and foldable to bring storage with you when you need it and to store it away when you don't. Perfect for organizing new toys, old clothes or odds and ends from around the house, and the material folds up flat for its own easy storage. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, find them at


Kids get heavy, fast. If your back can't take lifting your toddler up to reach the faucet anymore, try out the Aqueduck. A faucet extender, designed to help tots reach the sink themselves, the piece is made of a food grade plastic that is PBA and phthalate free, as well as dishwasher safe. Just attach the extender to your spigot and your child will be able to reach the water more easily. Available in stores and online.

Bright Greens

You need a healthy boost, but who has time to prepare a nice green smoothie these days? Bright Greens is an easy alternative to the hassle of blending your own smoothies at home. Pre-blended and flash-frozen into small smoothie cubes, these tasty drinks are delivered right to your own door. Simply pour the smoothie cubes into a glass jar or heat resistant bottle, pour in hot water and shake for a refreshing smoothie from home. For information about where to get your morning (or afternoon) pick me up, visit