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Things We Like

Dancing Deer Baking Co.

It's the most delicious time of year. Cookies and cakes galore! Don't have time to bake and clean? Dancing Deer Baking Co. has all the homemade taste with none of the work. Gingerbread reindeer noses, pre-baked gingerbread houses and Hanukkah shortbread stars join with their gluten-free line to make this holiday the sweetest.

Blue Moon Box

Want to get your child or grandchild something that will last beyond the holidays? Consider the monthly science subscription service, Blue Moon Box. Each Blue Moon Box has two to three super fun experiments designed for budding scientists ages 6 to 12, made to pique their interest. A different theme each month ensures that each child in your family remains actively engaged!

Polk BOOM Bit

The new Polk BOOM Bit is a small, clippable Bluetooth speaker that attaches securely to your clothing. Easily synced, you can stay aware of your surroundings while walking, running and more. With a simple charging mechanism and maximum durability, you can keep your tunes with you no matter where you go! Available in a variety of colors. $29.99

Double Down

The 11th book in the beloved “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series is here and main character Greg Heffley can't get his Mom off his back. Why can't he just explain that computer games are not turning his brain to mush? Then an idea strikes Greg, but will that idea help him strike it rich? Follow along with Maryland native Jeff Kinney's hero and find out! $13.95 available in stores and online.


A great board game for kids ages 6 and up, Kaboom is an activity of destructive construction! Build your wooden towers as the master builder while your opponents try to sabotage you and launch projectiles in an attempt to foil your work. What could be better than catapult fun? Play this game to build up and smash down! $27.99. Available online and in select stores.