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Prescription Chicken

You have a cold. You're a new parent and can't get out of the house. You need a quick energy boost. What is better than homemade soup? How about homemade soup that is delivered directly to your door? Local business Prescription Chicken delivers that homemade taste and feeling without all the work. With soups specially formulated for everything from a cold, to new Moms or just every day comfort, Prescription Chicken is just what the doctor ordered. Check their website for delivery distances and hours. Go to to find delivery options near you.


Hair ties look good in your hair. On your wrist, they don't look as good. HairBanglez can make even the oldest hair tie look chic. The bracelets have an indented groove to hold one elastic hair band. You put the band in the groove and it will stay there until you need to put your hair up. Wear one or make a fashion statement and stack them up! Styles are available for adult and child-sized wrists.

Moms Pump Here

Your plans have taken you away from home or work and you need to pump or breastfeed your baby. Where is the best place to go? With Moms Pump Here, a free app, you can find lactation and nursing rooms near you. Just pop in your zip code or city to find available locations. With more than 5,000 locations on the list, and growing daily, you will be sure to find a comfortable place to pump or breastfeed. $1.99.

Diono Travel Pal

If you have ever traveled with children, you know even a trip to the park is no day at the park. Just getting everything you need together in the car is enough to set even the most organized parent into a spiral. Diono Travel Pal can help with that. The Travel Pal is slim enough to fit between two car seats in your car, but has enough pockets to store everything you need from water bottles to toys, tablets and more. Available at stores that carry baby products and

“Today Will be Different”

For Eleanor Flood, Maria Semple's main character, today is going to be different. She is going to drop her kid off on time, she is going to make it to yoga and cook a nice homemade meal. Today is going to be the day when all of the little things get done and she will make a difference. Today is the day … that everything goes off the rails. $27. Little, Brown & Company.