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You've Got Me

Celebrating the unbreakable connection between parent and child, independent recording artist Sara Lovell's latest album, “You've Got Me” is perfect for parents who love to sing and tell stories to their kids, and for children who exult in joy and creativity. “You've Got Me” follows a day in the life of a child, beginning with a song to rouse even the sleepiest sleepyhead and concluding with a reflective lullaby as the sun goes down. Furry alligator puppies, runaway socks, musical skeletons and flying ships are just a few of the wonders encountered in this fanciful work of art. Available at, iTunes, CDBaby and

Make A Circle

  With songs like, “The I Love You Song,” “On the Inside,” and “Listen to Your Heart,” Jennifer Paskow's message of extending your love to others by learning to love yourself is abundantly clear. She definitely believes that the interconnectedness of all life is that as we give, we are receiving. Available at, iTunes, CDBaby and

— Jenny L. Heinbaugh

Book Reviews

By Mary Quattlebaum

ages 3 – 6

The Journey of Captain Scaredy Cat

Captain Scaredy Cat may dress and talk like a fierce pirate, but he’s so scared of some things that his crew decides they must help him. They row him to the Blue-eyed Ghost Ship, where he is visited by a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf. He thinks hard, and then he shouts, “They don’t exist, they don’t exist, they don’t exist.” And the images vanish, along with his fears. Jose Carlos Andres’s rambunctious language infuses this lively tale with dramatic energy. And Sonja Weber further conveys this mood through her lush, exuberant art, full of mermaids, sharks and a ragtag crew of sweet-faced pirates. An arrr-some, reassuring touch is the captain’s pet parrot. The bird appears only in the pictures, but kids will enjoy looking for this stalwart, feathered companion throughout the fearsome adventure.

ages 7 – 11

Aliens from Earth: When Animals and Plants Invade Other Ecosystems

In this fascinating work of nonfiction, acclaimed writer Mary Batten shares tales of invasive species and their effect upon the environment. Many of these species came into new lands accidentally, through cargo ships or planes. Lacking natural predators, they flourished, often preying upon or competing for resources with native species. The brown tree snake has “eaten most of Guam’s native birds into extinction,” and fire ants have wiped out two native ant species. Even species released with good intention have wreaked havoc. Introduced in the 1930s to help stay erosion, kudzu is now destroying forests throughout the southeastern United States. Batten also shares information on what’s being done to combat these invasive species, including steps that can be taken by families and kids. Through her maps and close-ups of these species, artist Beverly Doyle reveals both the routes of invasion and the impact upon particular native plants and animals.

babies / tots

Good Night, Baddies

After a busy day of being spooky, where do all the witches, monsters and giants go? To bed, of course! Deborah Underwood’s playful rhyming verse follows the baddies as they bathe, brush their fangs and put on their pajamas. And after tucking one another under cozy coverlets, they enjoy a bedtime story, “one that’s sweet, not grim or gory.” Kids will delight in the delicious fun of seeing the traditional fairy-tale villains in their nighties and peering under the bed for any scary princesses. Through gently toned watercolor illustrations, Juli Kanga paints the sweet side of the baddies, with bunny slippers and yellow rubber ducks.