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Things We Like


These water bottles are brilliantly designed to go anywhere with your whole family. All Hydaway water bottles collapse to only 1.25 inches so you can easily tuck them away in your gym bag or your kids’ lunch boxes. Most importantly, they are BPA-free. The food-grade silicone is also dishwasher safe. $15-$20.

NOSO Puffy Patches

Let your little one’s personality shine and repair tears in their cloths with a nod to a former fashion trend. NOSO Puffy Patches are the perfect solution to ripped or tattered clothing for anyone in your family. The patches come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can match them to your clothing or choose something fun to stand out. The brand is still raising money and support on Indiegogo, but your donation could also be a patch purchase if you spend at least $15.


Shopping for back-to-school clothes doesn’t get easier than ordering a Kidbox. All you have to do is go online, make a style profile for your child and let the experts at Kidbox send you six to seven pieces they think your little ones will love. You can return what they don’t like and only pay for what they love. And if you keep the whole box, Kidbox will donate an outfit to a child in need. $98 if you keep all items in the box.

Snap Scene App

Use Snap Scene to transform any everyday moment into an opportunity for learning for a child with language learning difficulties. Snap Scene makes communicating easy for children who have trouble speaking or cannot speak. Simply take a picture, add a recording to it and then save it to use to communicate anytime. Snap Scene is available for iOS and Windows devices. $50.

Ikos Building Toys

Your little engineers will love designing and building three dimensional structures out of Ikos shapes. Made out of recycled plastics, the colorful construction toys can be connected in multiple ways for a mentally stimulating play experience. The inventive design of Ikos pieces will promote STEM learning while also letting your kids’ creativity run wild. $20.