Kiwi Shamrocks


  • Kiwis

  • Small heart cookie cutters


  • Parents, slice the kiwis so they're thick enough for the cookie cutter to go through. There's no need to peel the kiwis.

  • Let the kiddos punch out heart shapes with the cookie cutter.

  • Arrange three hearts on a plate so they look like a shamrock. Use four hearts to create a four-leaf-clover. Use a leftover piece of kiwi for the stem.

Other foods to try: cucumbers, apples and bread

Pot of Gold


  • Small yogurt container

  • Black craft paint

  • Foam brush

  • Pipe cleaners

  • Tape or glue gun

  • Gold glitter pen

  • Gold wrapped candies (like Rolos)


  • Paint the yogurt cup black. I was lucky and found a small container that was already black. If you can find one like that, then you can skip the painting step!

  • Braid your pipe cleaners. If you don't know how to braid, then simply twist them around each other. I used five different colors. You want the handle of the pot to look like a rainbow!

  • Bend the pipe cleaners into a U-shape and tape the ends to the inside of the container. You can also use a hot glue gun.

  • With a glitter pen, decorate the outside of the pot. I drew a shamrock.

  • When everything is dry, fill your pot with gold-wrapped candies!

Leprechaun Lip Balm


  • Coconut oil

  • Packet of Green Apple Kool-Aid

  • Small container (or old lip balm container)

  • Water


  • Empty the Kool-Aid packet into a small bowl.

  • Add a few drops of water to dissolve the powder.

  • In another bowl, add about a tablespoon of melted coconut oil.

  • Whisk a little of the green apple syrup into the coconut oil. You should add enough liquid so your mixture turns green.

  • Place in the fridge for 5-10 minutes.

  • Whisk the mixture so it becomes creamy and the Kool-Aid is incorporated again.

  • Spoon into a small container.

Coconut oil melts at body temperature, so don't leave it somewhere really warm or it will melt!