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Things We Like

Sworkit Kids

Keep the kids moving this season with Sworkit Kids, a kid-friendly exercise app for iOS and Android devices. Sworkit Kids utilizes workout videos of children to help those ages 5-14 reach the recommended dose of 60 minutes of activity every day. Customizable workout routines can be tailored to meet your child's interests and abilities. Free. Available in the app store.

"Burt's Bees Baby Loose Terry Hoodie” by Allison McDonald and Amy Mascott

Dress your little one in this loose hoodie from Burt's Bees Baby for an adorably comfortable spring look. The Burt's Bees Baby collection is made of entirely organic, super soft cotton pieces that are perfect for your baby's sensitive skin. $26.

“Geek Parenting” by Stephen Segal and Valya Dudycz Lupescu

Did you catch the parenting lessons in Star Wars, Spiderman, Indiana Jones or Kim Possible? No matter your answer, never fear, because “Geek Parenting” is here to help you raise your kids with tips and tricks from some of the nerd-world's most beloved parent-child pairs. This book of 75 mini-essays includes lessons from famous nerdy pairs that the authors say will satisfy “nerds and norms alike.” $16. Available on

Nixi Silicone Teething Bracelet

This colorful bracelet is a win-win for moms and babies alike. The soft silicone is both comfortable for you to wear and functional as a safe teething toy for your baby. The bracelet is available in a variety of colors and styles. $10.

Blue Baby Bum Car Seat and Stroller Canopy

These colorful canopies are made for your infant's on-the-go nap time and they provide a comfortable and soothing environment. The canopy is made to fit most car seats and strollers and can even double as a tummy-time playmat or nursing blanket. Its velcro straps can also be adjusted to cover an infant carrier. $50.