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July 2019


4 Ideas to Spice Up Your 4th
Kathryn Streeter

10 Thrilling Things to do With Kids in Washington, D.C.
Kathryn Streeter

Choosing a Safe Quality Day Care
Kimberly Blaker

How to Keep Kids Reading Over the Summer
Jan Pierce

Laugh, Love and Learn With These Summer Books
Mary Quattlebaum

New Medical Study on Dads Who Exercise
Amanda M. Socci

Restaurant Play Starring Your Child as Host, Waiter and Cook
Kimberly Blaker

So YOU'RE the World's Best Father!
Amanda M. Socci

The Downsides to Young Children Reading E-Books
Peggy Gisler and Marge Eberts

Use Positive Parenting to Encourage Healthy Eating Habits
Paige Trevor


Good Stuff
Christopher Dooly

More For Moms
Jenny L. Heinbaugh

Tot Tips
Jenny L. Heinbaugh


Child Development Series