A Letter to My Teenager’s Car

A Letter to My Teenager’s Car

Dear Car,

Let me be the first to say, “Welcome to the family!” We are very pleased that you have joined us. You are very much loved and wanted, and we looked long and hard for you.

You were the right combination of price (cheap), condition (as good as possible) and safety (not exactly Fort Knox on wheels, but we tried).

Car, I hope you have thick skin, I mean, paint. That’s because you will hear some adults whispering about how they never had a car when they were young and how you are an extravagant purchase. You might hear some people pass judgment on our family because you are in our lives now. Don’t listen to them. They don’t know how much you are needed. Nor do they know just how old and tired you are or how many miles you have seen.

You know, I am old and tired, too. I’ve also seen a lot of miles. However, I think we both still have a lot of life left in us!

Car, I’m reaching out to you because you have a very important role in our family.

You see, you will transport my teen driver in the coming years. I hope that you will function as promised, and that if you can’t, you’ll let me know promptly. In return, I promise I’ll fix you to the best of my ability and my wallet’s ability.

Car, there will be times my teenager will be less than careful with you. I apologize in advance. His father and I have told him over and over and over again how he is supposed to drive. He has passed two segments of driver’s education demonstrating how he is supposed to drive. He has logged 50 hours of supervised time behind the wheel driving how he is supposed to drive.

But I know how I am supposed to eat and that doesn’t stop me from indulging every now and then (curse you, Olive Garden breadsticks!). So when my teenager indulges in a stop too suddenly or he turns you too sharply, even though he knows he shouldn’t, please take care of him.

Car, not only do you have the responsibility of keeping my teen safe and getting him to and fro, but you will also provide much needed transportation for my younger child.

That’s right, you will carry two of my babies as they go to school or practice.

I beg of you, keep my babies safe.

You will also meet some of my teen’s friends and I hope that you get them safely where they need to go. And yes, there may be some things spilled, said, or done by my teenager and his friends that both of us don’t want spilled, said or done.

Hang in there. I’m saying that for me as much as for you.

I also want to apologize for the stinky sports equipment that is about to make its second home in your trunk. I know it doesn’t smell pretty. If it’s any consolation, I’ve been toting it in my trunk to various practices and games for a long time. You’ll be okay. Stinky, but okay.

I’ll look out for you, Car. I’ll watch for scrapes and dents if my teen or the school parking lot treats you too rough. I’ll make sure he washes you and gets your oil changed. I know you’ll need new tires sooner rather than later (can we try for later?). Rest assured that I know how important your job is in the family and he and I will do our share to help you carry it out.

Thank you for waiting for our family. It seemed like we would never find you, but then we did. I’m hoping this is the start of a long and beautiful relationship.

Love, Mom


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